Every year the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) approves and subsidies training programmes which are considered of high priority for the organisations. These training programmes are offered free of charge for the corporations who satisfy certain criteria set by the HRDA.

CIIM offers various HRDA subsidized courses, and we will be continuing to introduce more. Please see our available Vital training courses below and apply today!

HRDA Subsidy

Innovative Strategic Planning for Smaller EnterprisesLimassol campus

24 November & 1 December 2021
(14 hours + 4 hours company consultation)

In this fiercely competitive arena micro and small sized enterprises, cannot remain content in their niches, as their sustainable business success is under attack. The owner-managers of small companies must embark on the journey to transform their firms into entrepreneurial growth-stars.

Innovative Performance Management System for Professional ServicesNicosia Campus

1 & 8 December 2021
(14 hours + 4 hours company consultation)

Most professional service organizations do not have a performance management system in place that measures firm productivity across the production, delivery and promotion of services, and identify corrective actions that are required. As a result, professional service firms cannot identify and improve consistently limiting factors such as unproductive processes, communication break-downs, unmotivated and ill-prepared staff.

Innovation in the Customer Servicing Chain for Profitable GrowthNicosia Campus

 7 & 14 December 2021
(14 hours + 4 hours company consultation)

For service companies, customer service delivery is the most important function. Yet, most companies often fail to meet customer expectations, or deliver their services without considering the cost in servicing their customer, as well as tending not to recognise the differences among strategic segments and providing a one-fit-all solution.

Sustainable Business Plans for Small to Medium Hospitality EnterpriseseLearning Course

13 & 15 December 2021
(14 hours + 4 hours company consultation)

Hospitality industry in Cyprus is booming. Strategy, planning and especially innovation are vital firm success factors and can be responsible for the performance and the growth of an organisation. The small and medium sized companies play valuable role in the economy, particularly in the current economic climate. The strategy covers all major aspects of the firm and through strategy all parts of company are compatible with each other and fit together well.