English for Business I

Programme Overview

This is an intensive English course-for-Business designed to enhance people’s knowledge and ability to face the prospect of working in various international business sectors and develop communication skills required in such global business environment. The course is focused on an introduction in the latest business topics and concepts intending to provide the student with a clear understanding of the business world, on learning business English expressions and idioms used currently and on the essential aspects of modern business correspondence. Students will be given the opportunity to become more fluent and confident in using business English, which is a valuable asset, as they will become more competitive when applying for a position and once recruited, they will be able to perform more efficiently and reliably.

Programme Focus

Students will learn to write letters and emails and draft reports; they will be trained in oral expression techniques and they will move gradually from carefully structured dialogues and role-playing activities to open-ended tasks that require the expression of a rather broad range of functions. Students will develop their ability to establish, maintain and support a thesis, use examples and make critical analysis to clarify ideas in the business world.

Key Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the attendees will be able to:

  1. Use the business language properly and successfully in economics, company organization, conflict management, and marketing.
  2. Analyze information, take notes and deal with business discourse.
  3. Develop essential business communication skills to make presentations, participate in business meetings, be involved in negotiation processes, improve telephone conversation and use English in business socializing events.
  4. Prepare oral presentations and learn to be informative and persuasive.
  5. Compose effective business written documents such as e-mails, letters, memos, and short reports.


Cotton, D., Falvey, D. & Kent, S., 2005. Market Leader: Pre-Intermediate Business English Courses Book, New edition, Harlow: Pearson Education Limited


Mon. 4/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)
Placement test

Mon. 11/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  • Tenses, conditionals, passive voice, vocabulary
  • Vocabulary, skills and writing

Wed. 13/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Making offers, requests, Asking about ability
  2. Telephoning: making contact
    • Making calls
    • Receiving calls
  3. Writing:
    • The parts of a letter
    • Letter requesting information

Mon. 18/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Talking about what is necessary or important
  2. Negotiating: Agreeing and Disagreeing
    • Stating your purpose
    • Making concessions
    • Rejecting suggestions
    • Bargaining
    • Focusing the discussion
  3. Writing:
    • Summarizing the outcomes of a negotiation

Wed. 20/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Describing companies
  2. Presenting your company:
    • Outlining the presentation
    • Introducing new information
    • Ending the presentation
  3. Writing:
    • Putting together a presentation

Mon. 25/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Developing presentation skills
    • Aspects of Oral Delivery: Rate and Pause, Volume, Articulation, Pronunciation, Voice Quality
    • Aspects of Physical Delivery: Posture, facial expressions, eye contact, movement, gestures
  2. Informative Presentation Delivery

Wed. 27/10/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Describing ideas
  2. Participating in meetings
    • Beginning the meeting, stating the aim
    • Giving opinions, making suggestions, asking for comments
  3. Writing:
    • The parts of a memo
    • Memo supporting an idea

Mon. 1/11/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Corporate entertaining
  2. Socializing: Greetings and Small talk
    • Introducing people
    • Making small talk
    • Making requests and offers
  3. Writing:
    • The parts of an E-mail

Wed. 3/11/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Marketing and consumer profiles
  2. Taking notes while listening
    • Checking Information
    • Asking for Information
    • Finishing a conversation
  3. Writing:
    • Memo on target markets

Mon. 8/11/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Planning
  2. Meetings: Interrupting and Clarifying
    • Dealing with Interruptions
    • Interrupting
    • Clarifying
  3. Writing
    • Outlining plans

Wed. 10/11/21 (18:00 -20:00)

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Dealing with Conflict
    • Calming down
    • Creating solutions
  3. Writing:
    • Memo on conflict resolution

Mon. 15/11/21 (18:00 -21:00)

  1. Describing Products
  2. Presenting a product
    • Introducing the product
    • Describing the product
    • Stating the product’s uses
    • Mentioning selling points
  3. Persuasive Presentation Delivery

Wed. 17/11/21 (18:00 -21:00)

  1. Economic terms
  2. Talking about numbers and figures
  3. Writing:
    • Describing graphs and charts

Mon. 22/11/21 (18:00 -22:00)

Revision and consolidation

TOTAL 32 Hours


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