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Corporate Administrators Programme

The recent financial upheavals in Cyprus have shaken the confidence of international investors in the sustainability of the economic outlook of the island as a rock-solid site of business in the financial and corporate world.

25 February 2019
04 & 18 March 2019
08 & 15 April 2019
06 & 13 & 20 May 2019

Duration: 28 hours
(Evening classes, 18:00 – 21:45)

The Drafting of Contracts

The drafting of contracts is mostly viewed as a practical process in Business management. It is important to understand that if managers enter into agreements with commercial organizations they will have important obligations to fulfill in return for any rewards that they might receive.

14, 21, & 28 May 2019

Duration: 21 hours

* Dates are subject to change.