FinTech: Disruption and Transformation – A practical overview

Programme Overview

The financial industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. New technologies, innovative business models and changes in customer behavior and preferences, lead to the disruption of finance and banking. New Financial Technology (FinTech) companies are extending and changing the boundaries of traditional financial services, introducing new strategies and shifting a long existing balance of power in the financial industry.

Designed for

  • C-Level executive in Financial Institutions
  • Financial Innovation & Technology Managers
  • Chief Technology officers
  • Specialists who lead, manage, supervise work-groups or teams in FinTech and financial institutions
  • Entrepreneurs in the financial services domain

Programme Focus

  • Introduction – What is FinTech?
  • Disruption and the drivers of change in the financial industry
  • FinTech success examples
  • The change in the competitive landscape
  • Strategic impact and response of established players
  • Building an action plan in face of disruption and transformation

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how financial technology evolved, its current and future place in the financial industry and how it impacts the competitive landscape.
  • Understand the strategic implications and get insights into the drivers behind the change and surge of investments in FinTech
  • Learn how to analyse the strategic impact and required actions for financial institutions and fintech start-ups

Benefits for you

  • Understand how innovation and technology drive change in financial institutions through FinTech
  • Master the basic concepts and strategic implications of FinTech
  • Gain knowledge and insights in FinTech for your current and future career development in the Finance industry

Benefits for your organisation

  • Map the competitive landscape and benefits of FinTech to the organization
  • Explain key considerations in implementing FinTech in the organization
  • Understand the risks and challenges of FinTech
  • Build an action plan to better prepare your organization for the disruption of FinTech


  • 100 % Live Online
  • Cutting edge case-studies and examples
  • 3 weeks – 2 hours per week live session + 1-hour independent learning
  • Weekly assignment and quiz
eLearning Course


7, 14 & 21 December 2020

18:30 – 20:45

6 hours

Online Course

Language of Instruction:

Alex Baltusch

Participation fees

Fee: € 620

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Final Fee: € 620

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