Tourism Academy 3.0 for XXIst century tourism services


Duration: 5 months x 2 days / month = 10 days

Module 1: What is tourism 3.0?

Module 2: Tourism system creation and management: processes, systems and quality assurance

Module 3: a. Tourism finance | b. Tourism and innovation
– How platforms have changed traditional tourism services: the demise of travel agencies

Module 4: Tourism Marketing

Module 5: 3D business modeling for XXIst century tourism

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the different players of the tourism system
  • Understand the evolution of the tourism sector up to tourism 3.0
  • Understand how technology has affected tourism services
  • Learn about the many new forms of tourism such as accessible tourism, sustainable tourism
  • Apply advanced forms of market segmentation to tourism
  • Learn about quality assurance systems in tourism
  • Apply 3D business modeling to design and improve tourism services
  • Evaluate financial aspects of tourism services, such as the impact of variable exchange rates


Designed For

  • Policy makers and government officials involved in tourism
  • Hotel managers
  • Managers in the hospitality industries
  • Entrepreneurs who are part of the tourism system
  • Investors considering entering the tourism industry
  • Providers of complementary services to tourism, such as transportation