Managing Funds, Portfolios and the Risks in the Financial Services Sector (35 CPDs)

Programme Overview

Despite the economic crisis that we are experiencing, the Financial Services in Cyprus has proven to be a robust sector that is continuously growing and improving. Therefore, the demands of the sector and the competition have been increasing also.

he aim of this programme is to provide the tools and knowledge that are needed for a professional to get a head-start in this competitive industry. It includes the following areas of specialization: Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Compliance, Supervision, and Financial Reporting, Fund Structuring, and Analysis of FX and Binary Option Markets.

At the conclusion of the training, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Financial Services which is co-issued with FINCAP Advisers Ltd. To obtain the Certificate, participants need to attend at least 80% of the programme’s duration. No exams take place.

Designed for

  • Professionals working in the Financial Services sector who need to expand their knowledge and skills so as to perform effectively – investment firms, administrative service providers, fund management and administration, banking sector, insurance sector, etc.
  • Junior finance employees
  • Career changers

Programme Focus

Risk Management

  • Types of risk to international business
  • Tools to measure and mitigate risk used by risk management professionals

Portfolio Management

  • Asset allocation and construction of portfolios
  • Measuring portfolio performance; monitoring and rebalancing

Compliance, Supervision and Financial Reporting

  • Regulatory requirements under MIFID
  • Cyprus investment laws & CySEC directives

Fund Structuring

  • Overview of the global fund industry
  • Requirements for setting up a fund in Cyprus

Analysis of FX Markets

  • Mechanics and operations of the FX market
  • Risk management in the FX industry

Key Outcomes

  • Appreciate the types of risk in international business
  • Attain tools to measure and mitigate risk used by risk-management professionals
  • Examine asset allocation and construction of portfolios
  • Learn to measure portfolio performance, monitor and rebalance
  • Examine the regulatory requirements under MIFID
  • Understand the Cyprus investment laws & CySEC directives
  • Appreciate a holistic overview of the global fund industry
  • Examine the requirements for setting up a fund in Cyprus
  • Learn the mechanics and operations of the FX Market
  • Understand risk-management in the FX industry

Useful Information


7 & 9 May 2019 [Risk Management by Mr. Demetris Tsingis]

14 & 16 May 2019 [Analysis of FX Markets by Mr. Demetris Nicolaou]

22 & 23 May 2019 [Portfolio Management by Mr. Constantinos Papanastasiou]

28 & 30 May 2019 [Compliance, Supervision & Financial Reporting– Mr. Demetris Tsingis]

4 & 6 June 2019 [Fund Structuring by Mr. Demetris Tsingis]

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7 & 9 May 2019
13 & 16 May 2019
22 & 23 May 2019
28 & 30 May 2019
4 & 6 June 2019

18:00 – 21:45

35 hours

CIIM Nicosia, 21 Akademias Str. (view map)

Language of Instruction:


Demetris Tsingis
Demetris Nicolaou
Constantinos Papanastasiou

Participation fees

Fee: € 985

HRDA Subsidy: € 595

Final Fee: € 390

* The programme has been approved by HRDA. Click here to find out more about HRDA and other special discounts