Customised In-House Training Programmes

CIIM’s In-House Training & Consulting Programmes are custom-made for performance-driven organizations that wish to improve the managerial, strategic and operational skills of their staff and apply them to achieve ambitious goals.

Our solutions create new values, behaviours and knowledge for achieving lasting change for you and your organisation. Individuals become more skilled, effective and valued and organisations enhance their capability on the road to success.


Maximum return on your investment

CIIM in-house training, learning and development solutions are a highly flexible, efficient, cost and time effective way to get the maximum return on your training and development investment. We focus on providing you innovative yet practical solutions to your business problems and help you tap emerging opportunities.

We equip your personnel with the chance to learn together, thus they can discuss and debate the unique circumstances of your organisation and location, making the learning even more relevant and effective.

We always follow up on our trainings and work with our clients in order to achieve the required result from a training programme.


Delivering training in a way that suits you

CIIM partners with organisations to design executive training specifically for their needs and delivered in a variety of formats, content and duration by world-class experts from top business schools.

Drawing on this global pool of management experts, CIIM also offers world-class business research, consulting, mentoring and coaching for companies, organizations and individual executives.


Fitting the training to your needs

CIIM in-house training offers:

relevance - we incorporate case studies and learning methods that are immediately relevant to your people. This means that they can put their learning into practice straight away and make an impact immediately.

convenience and minimal disruption - learning is scheduled to fit your business' day to day activities, and it can be held at your premises or at CIIM in Nicosia and Limassol.

cost-effectiveness - you pay per event, rather than per person, which gives you a much larger return on your investment.

time-effectiveness - you can continue with your schedule whilst enjoy all the work that is being done for you - from designing your course, train the trainers, handle the administration and logistics and anything else that is needed to implement the best training programme for you.

flexibility - we deliver learning in a variety of different formats, sizes, and duration to suit your particular requirements.


A few examples of our training areas

Business Enhancement Skills
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Finance and Accounting
Financial Strategy
Human Resource Management
Information Technology Management
Interpersonal Skills
Personal Impact and Development 
Management and Supervisory Skills
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Office and Administrative Support
Presentation Skills
Operations Management
Project Management
Family Business
Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Strategic Planning
Thinking and Innovation
Time Management
Performance Management
General Management Programmes


Some of our clients

Over the years we have worked with many organisations by providing in-company trainings for them. The Executive Education team works very closely with many organizations, from all industry sectors (banking, finance, health, law, retail, real estate, land development, telecommunications, public sector, pharmaceutical, tourism & hospitality, family businesses, service firms, shipping and logistics) to design executive training specifically for their needs. A few of our most recent clients include: Aquasol Hotels, Bank of Cyprus, BP Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus Hotel Managers Association, Cyprus Tourism Organization, CYTA (Telecommunications), Electricity Authority of Cyprus, EMED Mining, Eureka Group, Hellenic Bank, Lanitis Development, Malloupas and Papacostas, Medochemie Pharmaceutical, Ministry of Finance, Pafilia Group, Piraeus Bank, Tseriotis Consumer Goods, and VIVARTIA.

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