STEP Diploma in International Trust Management

STEP Diploma in International Trust Management


The STEP Diploma in International Trust Management is recognised worldwide as the benchmark qualification for those working in the international trusts industry.

The course takes a practical approach to the issues that arise in the international trusts profession, and provides an overview of the relevant legislation, principles and practice in your local jurisdiction and internationally.

Delivered in association with the CLT International, the Alliance Manchester Business School, the STEP Cyprus and CIIM, the syllabus of the qualification is the result of a collaboration between STEP, the International Trust Companies Association (ITCA) and CLT International (CLTI).

Designed for practitioners involved in international trust administration and management, this course comprises four Advanced Certificates:

1: Trust Creation: Law and Practice

2: Company Law and Practice

3: Trust Administration and Accounts

4: Trustee Investment and Financial Appraisal

CIIM is commencing the training for attaining the Diploma in International Trust Management with the Advanced Certificate in Trust Creation: Law and Practice. All Advanced Certificates will be offered at CIIM with an expected completion date in 2018.

STEP Diploma in International Trust Management Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the Diploma, you will be able to:

  • Advise on the classification, types and uses of trusts, the factors affecting their validity and the circumstances under which they can and cannot be altered
  • Explain the roles, responsibilities, limitations and liabilities of trustees, protectors and enforcers under local and international law
  • Understand money, bond and equity markets, financial appraisal and ratio analysis and options, derivatives and futures markets
  • Explain the duties and responsibilities of trustees in relation to investment matters under local and international legislation
  • Advise on the use of trusts in modern tax planning.
  • Advise on the issues surrounding modern reserved powers legislation
  • Identify and advise on the factors affecting a client’s residence and domicile and outline the impact of these on a client’s estate planning needs
  • Analyse the conflict of laws rules (doctrine of renvoi) applicable to multi-jurisdictional trusts and advise clients when these rules may apply
  • Explain the regulatory frameworks that have developed globally to counteract fraud and money laundering
  • Carry out the ‘know your client’ checks that are required for compliance with anti-money laundering regulations in your local jurisdiction
  • Construct and interpret a set of trust accounts
  • Understand the day-to-day affairs of an offshore company including the processes of incorporation and dissolution

Benefits for your organisation

  • Enables you to provide a professional service of a higher standard
  • Enhances your ability to give holistic advice to clients as a trusted advisor
  • Distinguishes you and your firm from the competition

Who should attend

Anyone wishing to pursue the STEP Diploma in International Trust Management, who meets the APCL or APEL criteria, as set by the CLT International. Please refer to the Guidance Document for more information about the APCL and APEL criteria.

In addition, the Trust Creation: Law and Practice module is suitable for anyone wishing to attain the benefits of the knowledge transferred in the STEP Diploma, including:

  • interpretation of trust instruments
  • identification of the power of any parties to a trust, based on the trust instrument
  • understanding of taking effective instructions, or know when to receive effective instructions, regarding the drafting of a trust instrument
  • identification of the proper law of the trust


Registration Deadline: 27 April 2017

Training Date/Time: 20 - 23 June 2017, 08:30 - 17:00

Training Duration: 28 training hours over 4 days

Location: CIIM Nicosia ( View Map )


  • Review of the Trust Concept
  • Marketing Trust Services and Accepting New Business
  • Anti-Money Laundering: The Proceeds of Crime
  • Anti-Money Laundering: Countering Terrorist Financing, Tax Evasion and Civil Liability
  • The Trust Instrument
  • Choice of Law to Govern the Trust
  • The Role and Status of a Protector
  • Estate Planning and Forced Heirship Issues
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Purpose Trusts
  • Private Foundations

  View Detailed Outline (PDF)


The Advanced Certificate in Trust Creation: Law and Practice is assessed via a three-hour, closed-book examination. The examination comprises a mix of multiple choice questions and essay/scenario-based questions.

The exam will be held at CIIM Nicosia on Monday, 11 September 2017.


All CIIM Executive Education programmes are developed and taught by CIIM resident and visiting faculty who are widely recognised as skilled professional trainers with local and international business experience. Through many years of business consulting and teaching experience, CIIM faculty develop innovative long-lasting practical concepts that shape the practice of your daily professional responsibilities. The result is a practical educational experience which is designed to have an immediate effect into your business environment.

John Harper

Trainer: John Harper ( Read Full Bio )

Trainer Bio

John Harper qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1975 and a Chartered Secretary in 1976. He is now a Fellow of both Institutes.

Following ten years working in private practice in Jersey, he successively became Finance Director of two of the largest commercial groups in the Channel Islands. After a period of self-employment as the first practicing Chartered Secretary in the Channel Islands, Mr Harper became Managing Director of Trident Trust Company Limited, a position he held for eleven years.

He then spent the next six years as Managing Director of Appleby Trust (Bermuda) Limited followed by a further two years in Mauritius as Managing Director of Mauritius International Trust Company (“MITCO”). He is now self-employed as a Consultant to the Offshore Finance Industry.

Mr Harper was one of the founder members of the Jersey branch of STEP serving for six years as its Honorary Treasurer. He has also been Honorary Secretary of the Bermuda branch. After having served for a year on Council, he was elected Treasurer of STEP Worldwide in December 2001, a position which he held until 2006.

Expertise: Finance, Trust Law, Trust Creation, International Trust Management

Experience: Over 28 years of international experience. John has held the positions of Managing Director for Trident Trust Jersey, Appleby Trust Bermuda and MITCO and he is the owner of a successful consulting firm providing trainings for the STEP Diploma courses as well as general offshore consultancy, directorships and protectorships.


Trust Creation: Law & Practice Programme Fee:  €1,750

HRDA Subsidy: €476*

Programme Fee after HRDA subsidy: €1,274*

STEP Cyprus Subsidy: STEP Cyprus will provide a subsidy of €1.000 to those who complete the full diploma (4 certificates) and become members of STEP. In order to be eligible to apply for this subsidy, participants need to agree to the Terms & Conditions as set by STEP Cyprus. For further information, please contact STEP Cyprus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*This programme has been approved by the HRDA. Organisations participating with their employees, who satisfy the HRDA's criteria, are entitled to the subsidy.

Due to CIIM's non-profit status, no VAT is charged. Fees include tuition, educational material, coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch.

Special Discounts:

  • 10% discount for 3 registered employees attending from the same organisation
  • 15% discount for 4+ registered employees attending from the same organisation

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