Managing People Successfully

Registration Deadline: 20 March 2018

Training Dates: 27 & 29 March 2018

Training Hours: 08:30 - 17:00

Location: CIIM Nicosia ( View Map )

Language of Instruction: English


One of the greatest challenges facing managers today is how to manage people so that each individual feels motivated to perform their duties to the best of their ability and are committed to meeting departmental and company goals.  Indeed, commitment issues (is a person motivated to do the job) create far greater challenges and take up far more of a manager's time than competence issues (does a person have the skills to do a job). Learning how to keep motivation levels high and dealing with the day to day issues people face is therefore key to company success.

The aim of this seminar is to highlight the fundamental principles of effective people management and provide managers with the core tools, approaches and critical skills to manage people confidently and sensitively to ensure staff remain motivated, diligent and productive.

Key Outcomes

Participants will learn the necessary skills and techniques needed to improve staff motivation levels, effectively handle conflict resolution, deliver effective feedback, communication and improve performance by adapting their management style to the different situations they face on a daily basis. By developing the skills to ensure people they are accountable for, are effective upon returning to the workplace, participants will also be better able to address other elements of their role as managers, which will also lead to higher performance.

The interactive mode within the seminar will enable a deeper understanding of the concepts and will provide the opportunity for ideas to be discussed and skills and techniques to be practiced.

Upon completion of the seminar, participants will:

  • Understand the importance and mutual benefit of effective people management
  • Learn ways to interact with and motivate each person they are accountable for even those whose ways of thinking and behaviour are different from theirs
  • Understand and practice the coaching approach to people management and to people development
  • Appreciate the role of feedback in achieving effectiveness in the workplace
  • Learn how to recognize and use positive and corrective feedback to turn problematic employees around and maximize productivity
  • Develop skills to address difficult feedback situations
  • Influence perception towards conflict resolution and learn different styles to assist in the elimination of friction

Designed for

This programme is suitable for managers, executives, supervisors and specialists who have risen to management positions, as well as experienced managers who need to improve their knowledge and skills so as to manage people more effectively. 

Topics to be covered

  • Introduction
  • Aims and Goals
  • Effective People Management
  • Management Styles
  • Conflict and People Management
  • The Importance of Feedback
  • The basics of feedback
  • Planning Feedback
  • Steps of the feedback process
  • Handling difficult feedback situations
  • Developing People’s Potential: a Coaching Approach
  • Closing Remarks


All CIIM Executive Education programmes are developed and taught by CIIM resident and visiting faculty who are widely recognised as skilled professional trainers with local and international business experience. Through many years of business consulting and teaching experience, CIIM faculty develop innovative long-lasting practical concepts that shape the practice of your daily professional responsibilities. The result is a practical educational experience which is designed to have an immediate effect in your business environment.

Lefki Angeli
Mrs. Lefki Angeli


Mrs. Lefki Angeli

Mrs. Angeli is a former practitioner in sociology and psychology and as such, has a strong understanding of human behaviour and the motives that drive this.

With a distinctive passion for human improvement and development in all the positions she has held during her 20+ year professional journey, she has actively sought to be involved in, or responsible for the training and development of those around her including colleagues and clients. Therefore, she has extensive experience in the training of business professionals at all levels and across industries and areas of specialty.

Some of her most prominent courses include emotional intelligence in the workplace, effective presentation skills in formal and informal settings, effective people management in the office and effective communication at work - from hearing to reflective listening.

Programme Fee

The programme has been approved by the HRDA (ΑνΑΔ). Organisations registered in Cyprus, who satisfy the HRDA criteria, are entitled to apply for the subsidy and therefore their emolument will be the net fee, as described below:

Gross Fee (before subsidy): €550

HRDA Subsidy: €238*

Net Fee (after subsidy): €312*

No VAT is charged due to CIIM’s non-profit status. Fees include tuition, educational materials, lunch, coffee-breaks and refreshments.


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