Managing and Coaching People

Managing and Coaching People


In a fiercely competitive businesses reality, the need for managers to develop the highly valuable skills of managing and understanding people at individual, group and organizational levels is further highlighted.

The aim of this programme is to supply the management staff of organisations with a tool kit of practical and realistic applications for managing, motivating, coaching and developing the potential of their people. As a result, participating companies will experience significant increases in their employee retention, engagement, productivity and performance.

Date/Time: 16 & 18 May 2017, 08:30 - 17:00

Training Duration: 14 training hours over 2 days

Location: CIIM Nicosia ( View Map )


This training workshop will supply you with new ideas and practical understanding of relevant approaches for developing yourself and others in ways that mutually release and unblock performance. You will identify managerial actions that release the best in others, as well as explore ways of interacting with others whose way of thinking and behaving are different from yours.

You will expand emotional intelligence to flex your style when developing others. You will also appreciate and apply an effective coaching approach, diagnose conflict-handling styles, understand the impact of change, recognise feedback for achieving effectivenes and identify actions for improving your organisation's, department's or team's culture through coaching and feedback.



  • Aims and Goals
  • Icebreaker – Paired introductions and presentation of partners training goals

Effective People Management

  • The mutual benefits of effective management – working towards win-win
  • Resonant and dissonant management styles – bringing out the best in people
  • Appreciating differences: people who are challenging to manage

Management Styles

  • The ‘me’ impact on others – the importance of self-awareness and regulation
  • Communication with empathy and rapport– understanding the impact of different communication styles
  • Listening skills – beyond hearing

Conflict and People Management

  • The underlying causes of conflict
  • Strategies to avoid escalation of conflict
  • Conflict resolution – Different techniques for different situations

Developing People’s Potential: a Coaching Approach

  • What is coaching and how it fits into management
  • Coaching styles – finding the style to meet individual and business needs
  • Determining barriers to learning and how to overcome them
  • Supporting self and others through change

The basics of feedback

  • Feedback definition
  • How feedback is given
  • Types of feedback
  • Redirection/ reinforcement

Planning Feedback

  • Why planning is essential
  • Identifying performances and behavior issues
  • Providing examples
  • Identifying desired results
  • Understanding expectations
  • Controlling the situation
  • Accepting feedback
  • Delaying feedback
  • Taking time for feedback

Steps of the feedback process: redirection/reinforcement

  • Receiving feedback

Handling difficult feedback situations

  • Employee resistance to feedback
  • Personal problems affecting performance
  • Personalities clash

Closing Remarks

  • Summary of key points
  • Core conclusions
  • Comments and discussion
  • Course evaluation


This training workshop is addressed to managers, executives, supervisors and specialists who have risen to management positions, as well as owners, CEOs and other managers from all industry sectors and departments.


All CIIM Executive Education programmes are developed and taught by CIIM resident and visiting faculty who are widely recognised as skilled professional trainers with local and international business experience. Through many years of business consulting and teaching experience, CIIM faculty develop innovative long-lasting practical concepts that shape the practice of your daily professional responsibilities. The result is a practical educational experience which is designed to have an immediate effect into your business environment.


Trainer: Lefki Angeli ( Read Full Bio )

Trainer Bio

Lefki is a graduate and former practitioner in sociology and psychology and as such, she has a strong understanding of human behaviour and the motives that drive this.

During her 20+ year professional journey Lefki has worked in an array of fields including primary, secondary and adult education, psychology, sociology, corporate market research and most recently, learning and development.

With an innate passion for human improvement and development, in all the positions Lefki has held, she has actively sought to be involved in, or entirely responsible for the training and development of those around her including colleagues and clients. As a result of this she has extensive experience in the training of business professionals of all levels and across industries and areas of specialty as well as in the teaching and coaching of children, and parents.

During her 15 years training experience, Lefki has taught a vast gamma of subjects primarily within the area of personal and professional development. Some of her most prominent courses include emotional intelligence in the workplace, effective presentation skills in formal and informal settings, effective people management in the office, effective communication at work - from hearing to reflective listening. Other topics also include English as a foreign language and qualitative research.

Lefki is also a HRDA (Development Authority of Cyprus Human Resources) certified trainer in accordance with the Vocational Qualifications System AxioPistoSyn.

Expertise: Emotional Intelligence, People Management, Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

Training Experience: Over 15 years of experience in business training. In Cyprus, she has recently trained professionals from organisations including ABBYY Solutions Ltd, UTX Technologies Ltd, M.S. Jacovides & Co Ltd, Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), Alfa Capital Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd, and Openway Technologies Ltd.


Programme Fee: €550

HRDA Subsidy: €238*

Programme Fee after HRDA subsidy: €312*

*This programme has been approved by the HRDA. Organisations participating with their employees, who satisfy the HRDA's criteria, are entitled to the subsidy.

Due to CIIM's non-profit status, no VAT is charged. Fees include tuition, educational material, coffee breaks, refreshments and lunch.

Special Discounts:

  • 10% discount for 3 registered employees attending from the same organisation
  • 15% discount for 4 registered employees attending from the same organisation
  • For larger group bookings from the same organisation please contact us
  • CIIM Students and Alumni who will attend the programme without participating through their organisations will benefit from a 25% discount on the fee before subsidy and can remit their payment in instalments. CIIM Students and Alumni attending as employees of a company and will apply to the subsidy, will benefit from a 15% discount on the net fee of the programme. Please contact us for further information.
  • Unemployed individuals will benefit from a 15% discount on the fee before subsidy and can remit their payment in instalments. Please contact us for further information.

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