Tourism Academy 3.0 for XXIst century tourism services

Tourism Academy

Duration: 5 months x 2 days / month = 10 days


Module 1
What is tourism 3.0?

Module 2
Tourism system creation and management: processes, systems and quality assurance

Module 3
a. Tourism finance
b. Tourism and innovation
- How platforms have changed traditional tourism services: the demise of travel agencies

Module 4
Tourism Marketing

Module 5
3D business modeling for XXIst century tourism

Key Outcomes

  • Understand the role of the different players of the tourism system
  • Understand the evolution of the tourism sector up to tourism 3.0
  • Understand how technology has affected tourism services
  • Learn about the many new forms of tourism such as accessible tourism, sustainable tourism
  • Apply advanced forms of market segmentation to tourism
  • Learn about quality assurance systems in tourism
  • Apply 3D business modeling to design and improve tourism services
  • Evaluate financial aspects of tourism services, such as the impact of variable exchange rates

Designed for

  • Policy makers and government officials involved in tourism
  • Hotel managers
  • Managers in the hospitality industries
  • Entrepreneurs who are part of the tourism system
  • Investors considering entering the tourism industry
  • Providers of complementary services to tourism, such as transportation


Harry Costin

Dr. Harry Costin 


Dr. Harry Costin

Dr. Harry Costin has over 25 years of academic and consulting experience in North America, Latin America, Western Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia. He received an MBA, an MA in International Relations, and doctorate in Strategy from Boston University, a masters in education degree from Harvard University, and a bachelors in international business from the University of Miami. His early professional experience was in international shipping and during the 1990s he was a quality improvement consulting. He is the author and editor of seven books and combines teaching at business schools with strategy and innovation consulting projects.

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